Perfect quality management system

It has a full set of testing equipment such as two-dimensional, life testing, curve testing, projector, incoming material testing and strict testing procedures to ensure product stability. The company has passed the GB/T24001-2016 idtIso14001:2015 international quality certification management system certificate and became an ISO certified enterprise!

In order to ensure the quality and stability of the products, we strictly implement the corresponding inspection procedures from the production of the raw material procurement process to the packaging and delivery to ensure high-quality output.

Detection steps

  • Raw material inspection

    All raw materials must be tested and recorded before production to ensure the authenticity of the materials.

  • In-production inspection

    During the production process, we will conduct sampling tests for each process, and confirm with the engineer and the quality department.

  • Inspection before storage

    Products must be fully inspected one by one before they are put into inventory to ensure that no defective products are put into the warehouse.

  • Inspection before shipment

    It must be inspected and recorded again before shipping to customers, so that customers can use the product with confidence