How to choose metaldome correctly in engineering design?

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How to choose metal dome correctly

As a purchaser, how to choose a high-quality metal dome especially in the pre-engineering design is a big problem encountered in engineering design, because it is difficult to easily distinguish the applicability and material of the metal dome from the appearance, especially if no metal has been used. The case of the dome project is even more uncertain, so how to choose a high-quality and applicable metal dome? The following Shenzhen Zigeng Technology has more than ten years of experience in the industry, to popularize basic knowledge for everyone: "How or how to choose metal dome?"

Simply speaking, in terms of shape: The main shapes of metal dome are divided into four types:

·Round metal dome (small stroke);

·Cross-shaped metal dome (maximum stroke);

·Triangular metal dome (with feet is also a commonly used button);

·Oval metal dome (relatively saving space);
· Various shapes of metal dome can be customized according to demand, in addition to custom-shaped metal dome

The advantages and disadvantages of each type of metal dome:

Round pot slices: It is a metal dome array with a relatively small stroke, and it feels better without clear sound. Round metal dome is generally used with double-layer metal dome stickers. For several types of shrapnel, the life of round shrapnel will be longer; the characteristics of the shape are also better compatible with the use of double-layer stickers, which saves unnecessary occupation. Complementary space.

Triangular metal dome: Generally there is only one contact in the middle, and one contact on each of the three sides. The purpose is to better contact the PCB. The gold finger has better conductivity but the life is shorter than the corners. The triangular dome is divided into There are two kinds of feet and without feet. The triangular metal dome with feet is generally used on the product with the PCB version. The pot film without feet can be used in various products with double-layer stickers. The use of double-layer stickers can improve the feel.

Waist metal dome: generally used on a single button product or on a product where each button is separated. It is generally used on products with a relatively small area and compact wiring. It is commonly used on flexible PCBs, which occupy a relatively small space and a relatively long life. ;

Cross-shaped metal dome: The cross-shaped metal dome has a relatively large stroke, relatively heavy force, and a short life of high force. The gold-plated shrapnel commonly used by customers has small resistance and strong conductivity, and there is a clear sound during operation. Can be used with stickers and products. The intensity of use is generally higher than that of other types of metal dome, and the stroke is also greater than that of other metal domes. It is mainly used in access control equipment intercom building systems.

Other metal domes of the opposite sex will have 8.5*8.5 metal domes with solder pads in the middle, which are commonly used in car steering wheels.

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