What is the difference between metaldomearray with light guide and shading effect?

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Metaldomearray is commonly used in game controllers, and PCB boards with LED lights can be designed with adhesive tapes and light guide films or shading films.

1. The Metaldomearray with light guide film can achieve the light guide effect by designing single or multiple LED lights on the circuit board to cover the plastic material with light guide and attaching the pot shrapnel. The light guide is mainly to let the light on the board. Too concentrated and scattered out.

2. The metaldomearray with shading is a strong LET light line designed through the circuit board. Adding a shading film on the PCB board can make the LED light of the whole board more uniform.

3. Commonly used products with light guide or shading generally include function key mobile phones, walkie-talkies, game controllers and other related electronic products.

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